Start Routenbeschreibung Rund um Reykjavik

The english version of bikingiceland.com is still beta. We are glade that is still going on. So the first route is online. We start with the trip from Keflavik-Airport to Reykjavik (Route 1). Welcome everybody who was not able to read the description in german. 

     Route 1: Keflavik–Hafnarfjörður (with connection to Reykjavík (52 km) [Rd. 41/40]

Recommended Maps:

Iceland Vegatlas 1:200.000; Reykjanes Map, free of charge, with town plans of Reykjanesbaer, Grindavík & Garður

What do we make? Do we cycle from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik or do we take the coach? Good question! The road between the airport and the capital has become during the past years the formula-one-course of Iceland. Almost for the whole distance it has been developed as 4-lane-motorway with character similar to a highway in the US or Germany. However, there exists a wide shoulder, which is quite good for cycling (most of the time it is paved, but in some parts full of glass and stones).

The main problem is not the road between Keflavik and the first town of the capital region Hafnarfjörður. The problem is the high-traffic starting with Hafnarfjörður. 3-4 lanes for each directions, no shoulder, steep hills, a lots of trucks and the fact that the Icelanders never cycle on these roads. If you cycle into town in the night or early morning, it´s quite fine. But in the rushhour it´s a horror (I will never cycling this route without a mirror).  Therefore, we offer at the beginning of the city centre two variations for the journey into to the city of Reykjavik.

Here you find the whole description