The ring road No. 1 is 1336 km long and exists only since 1974, after the wide Skeiðarársandur have been bridged in the south part of the country. The ring road is the main thoroughfare and actually also the only mainroad of the country. During the last years the motor traffic has strongly increased, esp. the segment of the ring road between Reykjavík and Akureyri in the north of Iceland, and the in the south between Reykjavik and Hella. So these part we don´t call an idyllic road.
However, for central european relations the density of the traffic does not correspond luckily yet to a very used highway. If in Iceland in one five cars will pass you, we call it strong traffic. Therefore, the main attention the roadconstrutors is to asphalt most parts of the ringroad and other mainroads. It is to be calculated on the fact that soon the last short segments of the ring road will be asphalted. Only few kilometres in the southeast lack to complete the ring. In this guide you also find a map which gives you a overview about which roads are paved.

With the improvement of the street quality new perspectives present themselves, of course for the cyclist, too.  The "wilderness" can be explore on most roads with a normal touring bicycle suited for mountains conditions. Unfortunately, with the pavement the natural feeling of being in the inhabitant part of Iceland gets lost.

On a gravel road, there are no embankments, road markings, and the layer corresponds to the composition of the stones located at the place and gravel punches. Here on the left you do not see one last pieces asphalt between Höfn and Djupivogur. But also there a new route is soon built. is a service service of Journalia Communication / Ulf Hoffmann. All rights reserved. These contents serve exclusively for the private use and for the individual information of the user. A storage in data banks as well as any passing on into three parts within the scope of commercial use or to the commercial use are permitted only with written approval by Journalia Communication. We do not stick with mistakes, content or textual mistakes. For the rest, are valid our terms of utilisation. For the case that you transmit the contents of the web page would like to store or be of use commercially, we offer to you to become content partners.

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