Start Biking on Iceland Introduction
There are no translations available.

As you see, the english translation of all descriptions, of all routes and chapters is in progress.  We work on it, to translate all sites. The german book "Island per Rad" ("iceland by bike") was the only guide for cyclist for the last 15 years about biking around Iceland. It will be no longer published. Be happy if you find an used-one. I´m planing to publish an english version - at first as an e-book with the title "Biking Iceland" this autumn.

I´m sorry, that it will be not possible earlier, but for the book I have to find all new information on a longer biketrip this summer around Iceland. It will be necessary, due to the fact, that you find in my books only informations, that were collected by myself.  If you need some informations for your trip this summer, don´t be hasetate to ask me (or try to find the infos on the next sites). 

If I will find the time, I try to translate the online-guide into english as soon a possible. Unfortunately it ´s nowadays a non-profit-project, so it takes time...

See you this year in Iceland! And don´t be angry about vulcanic eruptions, ashes, lava and earthquakes. That´s part of Iceland. 

Best regards


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