Start News is the new online bicycle guide for Iceland. For 23 years I, Ulf Hoffmann, travel to Iceland, always by bicycle and quite early with the aim to write from a guide for bikers. However, between the first trip 1988 and the first book I have spent several summers in Iceland. All together it took seven years between my first visit and the appearance of the bicycle guide. The first printed edition of "Iceland by wheel" appeared in 1995, then the second one strongly enlarged edition followed in 2001.

Now this issue is sold out for some time. An other edition was planned by the publisher first for 2008 and then for 2009. The researchwork and the manuscript were concluded, however, it came to different opinions about the future direction of a guidebook for the year 2010, so that I had discontinued the contract.
Therefore, the third edition appears (first) "only" on the Internet and directly the fourth edition is in work and will published at first as an e-book as well as a hardcover in 2010. In addition, it is planned to translate the complete contents as soon as possible into English. Up to now, there is only a small english version. Sorry for the inconvience!

In the third version new routes have come again.

Now 91 routes describe "normal" Iceland and 40 other ones the "highland roads". New are:

- the route of Grindavik to Keflavik (route 86)

- a bypass piste from Ásbyrgi to Husavik (route 46) in the North Iceland.

- a route around the new dam in north-east Iceland. In that area the changes are dramaticly (for roads and nature). The route H 25 describes this new area with a good connection to Askja from the east

- around the highland road of Kjölur there are new variations. Indeed, not all necessarily intended for each bikers  (as for example the rudiemental route H4).

- you get now from the Kjölur to the Arnarvatnsheiði as well as a connecting road from the northern Kjölur which shortens the way in the direction of Akureyri.

- a new a highland route north of Mýrdalsjökull (H33) describe this beautiful and lonesome area. is the only complete online guide for Iceland, and it is free of charge.  

Have fun in Iceland, and please supports this guide (by financial and informative support),  so that it will going getting more and more bikers to Iceland.

See you in Iceland.


Ulf Hoffmann

Last Updated (Wednesday, 23 June 2010 12:43)