Start Why with the bicycle?
Well, this question asked most Icelanders themself if they see all the bikers along the road fighting against the wind.  What´s the reason, that more and more people decide from all over the world absolutely voluntarily to explore Iceland on 2 wheels? Do they make this realy voluntary? Do they have no money for a car? Is this not a torture? Many cannot believe it, even if the crazy cyclists increase from year to year, in which the lobby work of the Icelandic Mountain Bike Club IFHK not is quite innocent. What is the interesting in a tour "Biking Iceland". gives some (even not deadly serious) answers:

Why by the bicycle through Iceland?

  •     because it simply gives pleasure
  •     because you see more than by car or coach
  •     because is quick enough to get forward, but slow enough to experience the nature
  •     because you are delivered to the mood of nature, and cannot flee simply with the first shower as the people in their cars
  •     because after a river crossing the feeling is so fantastic if the feeling in your feets coming back
  •     because you get faster in contact with people
  •     because you can simply put up (almost) everywhere your tent free of charge
  •     because you want to loose weight
  •     because you like to enjoy the silcence
  •     because you get sick in coaches
  •     because you have not enough money to rent a jeep to explore highlands
  •     because you like to feel once in your lifetime how it is to be alone in the middle of a desert - 100 km away from the next house
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