Start Which roads are paved?

No printed map is up to date, like the informations of the Icelandic Road Administration about the paved roads in Iceland. More and more roads get paved. Mostly monthly.

2008 were 5118 km of all icelandic roads paved (plus 169 km)

2009 were 5139 km of all icelandic roads paved (plus 21 km)

In the map the map the black line show the paved roads with the end of 2009, the red one shows the roads that were paved in 2009, the orange line shows the gravel roads. So most of icelandics roads are gravel or dirt roads.

But the major roads are paved and in a good condition.

The ring road is mostly paved, some gaps in the eastern part around Djupivogur (Route 72) and a little bit north the routes 65 and 66.

Still a problem is the road between Fludir and Geysir  & Gullfoss (Rd.30 / Route 89), this part is still gravel (but they work on it - hopefully it will be finished 2010)

Here you find the maps of 2008

This is the last map from 2009:

paved roads  Iceland 2009